About us

Ramberti Srl is an Italian company that boasts over 100 years of history and operates nationally and internationally as “Made in Italy” excellence in the field of beach equipment and outdoor furniture of Beaches, Hotels, Spas, Public Swimming Pools, Restaurants, Coffee bars, Amusement Parks.
The different industrial realities, directly controlled and belonging to the Ramberti Group, allow a careful verification of the raw materials used and of the “Production quality” of the products:
– from yarn to fabric;
– from aluminum structures to the ribs of beach umbrellas,
– from wooden items to numerous types of accessories.
The skill of “handicrafts” refines a product born of the most modern technologies, while manual skill offers sensitivity and emotion to industrial precision. To this high level of know-how is added a careful research of materials and technological solutions, which enhance the enthusiasm for detail, with a focus on excellence that involves all the parts of the company.
Ramberti Srl, with over a century of life, blends in a indissoluble way tradition and innovation, producing every item and raw materials within the group. The secrets of success are perseverance and commitment, continuity in tradition, experience in handicrafts and a tailored attention to details, to quality and design.


Our History

The company was founded in the immediate post-war period, way back in 1918, in Santarcangelo di Romagna by its founder Francesco Ramberti  who, assisted by his dynamic wife and with the help of two young apprentices, began the production of saddles and harnesses for horses.
The subsequent motorization of transport, forces the already established but at the same time already outdated saddlery, to a first transformation towards an equipped laboratory for the production of waterproof tarpaulins for trucks and for agricultural use.

The initial artisanal character changes over time and, starting in the 1950s, it takes on increasingly industrial dimensions, focusing on the tourism sector.
In these years, when the phenomenon of tourism explodes on the Romagna Riviera, the sons of the founder Roberto and Antonio seize the opportunity, proceeding with a real transformation and building a factory equipped with the best equipment for the production of beach umbrellas, deckchairs and sunbeds required from the seaside market. These are years of hard work and strong commitment to meet the demands of an ever wider and loyal customer base, a reason for which the company is proud.
In the 90s Antonio, left alone at the reins of the company, transformed it from a craft enterprise into a modern industrial plant.
The son Riccardo (in partnership with his twin brother Giovanni, and his father Antonio) is responsible for the company development strategies of the plants and expansion towards the international markets. Since the 1990s, he has worked alongside his father at the reins of Ramberti to develop the current identity focused on the concept “Made in Italy” and on “Product quality”.
Completing the entire production chain, the company now has a direct production control that allows it to be particularly competitive while maintaining a very high quality level.


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